Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Birthday and First Birthday party

Good morning birthday boy!
So cute in his "I'm 1!" hat and birthday shirt

12 month pics

Opening presents from mom and day before the party

playing his new trumpet

the ball pit was fun

Daddy and C on the day of the party

Mommy and C

it's fun to pull mommy's hair.

so happy

C's "Let's have a ball!" birthday cake.

C's beachball cake
He was a little upset about the icing on his hands. Maybe he will dig into it next year.

Wearing present bows after opening presents from Uncle Brian and Aunt Betsy

Very interested in the keys

Taking his trucks and leaving. He was really tired by this point. C had a wonderful birthday. We were so glad to spend it with our family, and are so thankful for each family member.


Teresa said...

Love the cake and cupcakes! Looks like fun! :)

julia said...

Did you make the cake? Looks like ya'll had a BIG time!

Erin Wright said...

Yeah I made the cake. I am getting a little better.

Lipe Family said...

Hi Erin - I can't believe that C's already 1! That cake is fantastic, too - hope you guys are doing well!

Kelli Nicholson Herrington said...

Look how much he has grown since his birthday. It is kinda sad how fast he has turned into a little tot. Sweet Sweet boy though

Heather said...

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